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SME Directors/Committee Members... “Corporate Knowledge” Is Important

Issue 020

By 30th June 2019 company directors/committee members participating in the Corporate Governance Network will have gained new knowledge relative to their duties and responsibilities as directors/committee members together with a better understanding of how the various components of a company/organisation interreact to enhance business performance.

If you are a company director/committee member and this is the sort of objective you’d like to pursue, why not join us?

In Workshop/Webinar No 2, participants will have the opportunity of hearing presentations on key areas relating to directors/committee members’ corporate knowledge of their company/organisation:

  • “A positive culture is vital!”, Andrew Geddes, Public Company Director, Former Chair of Greencross Ltd.
  • “Notifiable Data Breaches – a New Concern for Directors”, Ross Contarino, Business Facilitator – Supply Chain, Australian Industry Group.
  • “Good Budgeting Helps Businesses Operate Efficiently”, Paul Barnaby, Regional Consultant, Plan Guru.
  • “Every Business Needs to Make Sales”, Trevor Marchant, Managing Director, Marchant Dallas.
  • “Corporate Knowledge Update”, Peter Towers, Managing Director, ESS BIZTOOLS.


  • Directors Training
  • Management Committee Operations
  • Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising (available for private companies 28 days after Royal Assent given – legislation passed by the Senate 12th September 2018)
  • Risk Management
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Using Benchmarking to Improve Business Performance
  • Markets
  • Selling
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Government Grants

Directors/committee members will be confident in their ability to participate in board meetings and discuss matters that are not their specialised area of interest.

You can obtain free access to Workshop/Webinar No 1 – (Click here).

You can find out more information on the Corporate Governance Network please go to the ESS Small Business website – click Corporate Governance Learn More.

Why not join the other directors of SME companies and committee members of not-for-profits, charities, sporting and social organisations on this journey by subscribing for the full program to 30th June 2019?

Subscribers can participate in the live webinar on Wednesday 19th September at 12-noon AEST.

The webinar recording will be available on 26th September 2018 for subscribers.

Full annual membership (includes all 9 workshop/webinars) $499 (incl GST).

(there are discounts available for additional subscribers from the same company/organisation).

Or, you can subscribe for the individual webinar recordings – $78 (incl GST).

If you have any questions on any aspect of the Corporate Governance Network or services provided by ESS Small Business, please send me an email peter@essbiztools.com.au or telephone me on 1800 232 088.

FREE article

Click here to download a free recording of the first Corporate Governance Network Workshop/Webinar.

Have a great day!

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