SME Leadership Package

This package will assist a SME to address the complex questions relating to leadership at all levels in a business.

Package Content

The SME Leadership Package includes Papers and PowerPoint slides for use by Facilitators and Participants relating to the key areas of Leadership:

  • Leadership - Index and Introduction
  • Teams and Teamwork
  • Leadership - Making the Difference
  • Developing Leadership People Skills
  • Developing Relationships and Trust
  • Motivation
  • Coaching and Counselling
  • Delegation
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Evaluation Survey Consideration and Conduct Overview
  • Developing SME Leaders

Additional information is provided on:

  • The Leadership Academy – Company Profile

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Leadership - Index and Introduction

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Leadership Academy - Company Profile

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Teams and Teamwork

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Leadership - Making the Difference

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Developing Leadership People Skills

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Developing Relationships and Trust

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Coaching and Counselling

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

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Evaluation Survey Consideration and Conduct Overview

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Developing SME Leaders

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(Click here) for a Webinar presented by Peter McDougall AM - "Developing SME Leaders".

Want To Know More?

“The successful leaders of today must understand that their power rests with the people for whom she or he is responsible. To tap that power the leader must abandon the old baggage of dominance, control and self-centredness.” Don Argus, former chair BHP Billiton and former MD and CEO of the National Australia Bank.

“Our leadership development philosophy and training has long reflected this understanding. We believe that while leaders need to be decisive and firm, they must also develop the people skills that enable them to create the environment, irrespective of management level, in which their team members work willingly together to support the mission and achieve common goals. The best outcomes and long-term successes come from leaders working with and through others. Old ideas of achievement simply through command and control by a dominant hierarchy have lost their effectiveness and relevance.” Peter McDougall AM, Managing Director, The Leadership Academy.

We trust that the material within the ESS SME Leadership Package will assist your business to develop outstanding leaders at all levels within your business.

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