Sound Talent Recruitment Helps Add Value!

Empowering SMEs (Issue 048)

“Attracting and keeping the right people is a key component of the life-cycle for most businesses” (Verne Harnish – Scaling Up)

The other three essential components are:

  • Creating a truly differentiated strategy (empowering SMEs047)
  • Driving flawless execution (coming soon)
  • Having plenty of cash to weather the storms (coming soon)

Your accountant could assist you in identifying the characteristics of people who could assist your business to add value.  If your accountant is not available to assist you because of other work pressures you are invited to contact us and we will introduce you to an accountant/advisor who is able to assist you with this very important component of assistance on your business journey i.e assisting your business to create a “Talent Development Team.”

Where do you start?

Who is responsible for “Talent Development” in your organisation at present?

Has this person completed any training in Talent Development issues?  We have manuals and articles which will assist in implementing a professional development activity to improve the skill level of your team (if required) by your business in these very important areas.  We can also introduce you to the Managing Director of an outstanding Talent Development Consultancy business specialising in small businesses and medium sized enterprises all over Australia.

Review of systems

Our suggestion is that you identify on a team chart where everyone is working and identify their job descriptions and any particular skills or licenses that that particular job requires.

It is important to periodically review the licenses required for each position and ensure that the people that are performing those duties do have the required licenses.  (Some government departments and industry associations do take action and issue fines to registered businesses and members of organisations who do not have the required licenses or who have not been diligent with their ongoing professional development obligations)

Our suggestion is that a Skills Register and a License Register is created for the recording of this information.

Are job descriptions prepared for each position?

Are the job descriptions reviewed periodically so that updates can be made to reflect any changes that have occurred that might not have been notified to the appropriate management person.

Is there an “induction process” for every new team member?  Does this process include the appointment of a “buddy” who will coordinate the orientation of the new team member and introductions to the team and completion of your firm’s paperwork requirements for a new team member?

Does the induction process include a briefing on Workplace Health and Safety issues and an overview of internal processes utilised by your business and an overview of team meetings that the new team member will be expected to participate in e.g. daily huddle/toolbox meetings, weekly meeting and advice about the management meetings that are held within the business that the new team member may be required to prepare a report for at some stage.

It costs your business a lot of money to go through the planning for a new team member, drafting the job description, interviewing applicants, preparing a letter of offer, and then being patient whilst the new team member gets a clear understanding of their job description and starts earning income for your business.  When these processes break down it can be because of an indifferent attitude towards the induction process by some members of your team.  This can mean that the new team member resigns because they are not happy with how they have been treated and the whole process has to start again.  This is a very expensive exercise.

What team training programme has been introduced into your firm?  Are appropriate records being kept of training that is being undertaken?

Who is responsible for monitoring training and professional development activities that are being presented in or near your location to determine whether any of your team should attend?

When a team member attends a training or professional development activity do they present an overview of the training that they received to other team members who are involved in a similar work area when they return to your business so that all appropriate team members have an understanding of a new emerging issue that they may need specific knowledge on as well?

It is also important that your business has either someone in-house or an arrangement with your accountant or an external consultant to give your business ongoing advice on issues relative to Fair Work Australia, employment processes and Workplace Health and Safety issues.

ESS Small Business has a range of manuals and articles (some of which are complimentary) which you can access at to assist in gaining a sound knowledge of Talent Development in small businesses and medium sized enterprises.

ESS Small Business is presenting a complimentary webinar – “Sound Talent Recruitment Helps Add Value” on Wednesday, 16 October 2019 at 11:30 AM AEST/12:30 PM AEDT. To register click here

If you require any additional information on the services provided by ESS Small Business to assist Small Business Operators and Medium Sized Enterprises to gain a sound knowledge of Talent Development Strategies please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Episode 048 - Sound Talent Recruitment Helps Add Value!

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Sound Talent Recruitment Helps Add Value!

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