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Corporate Governance Network Package






The Sales Factor



SME Debtors' Manual

 Committed to assisting businesses to reduce “Debtors’ Days Outstanding” 

$ 240.91

 /  1 year

SME Leadership

 This package will assist a SME to address the complex questions relating to leadership at all levels in a business. 

$ 318.18

 /  1 year

ESS Grants Identifier


$ 180.91

 For  1 year


Professional fee for:

  • Reviewing the “Business Profile Form” submitted to us
  • Processing the information into ESS BIZGRANTS
  • Reviewing the “Potential Eligible Grants” identified
  • Direct contact with you if required
  • Preparation of a “Grant Report” together with Information article(s) and Application Requirement Form(s) for the potential grant(s) identified in the Grant Report

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