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What is ESS Grants Identifier?

An easy step by step process to identify grants for small/medium enterprises.  You will be asked to enter basic information about the business on our “Business Profile Form” relative to corporate structure, turnover, employee numbers, location, industry etc.

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How Does ESS Grants Identifier Work?

ESS Grants Identifier is an easy step-by-step process...
  1. Basic information about the business is entered onto the “Business Profile Form” relating to business structure, turnover, employee numbers, location, Business Industry Number etc.
  2. When the Business Profile Form is completed you will need to complete the registration and make payment of our fee. The Business Profile Form will need to be emailed to the
  3. We will process the Business Profile Form into the ESS BIZGRANTS’ system. During this process, we may be required to contact you in relation to additional information.
  4. We will prepare a “Grant Report " for your business.
  5. Grant Applications - You can process the individual grant applications yourself or you can engage ESS Small Business to prepare the Grant Application for you. Once you have reviewed the Grant Report and ascertain the grants that you would like to apply for, we can provide you with a quotation for assistance in applying for “Grants Identified in the “Grant Report”.

Attached to the Grant Report will be the following:

Completing The Business Profile Form

  • Step 2:
    Complete Section A - “Business Details”
  • Step 3:
    Complete Section B “Business Industry Code” for the entity that will be applying for the grant. The Business Industry Code will normally be entered on the entity’s Income Tax Return.

    If you are unsure of your Business Industry Code – you will be able to access the “Australian Taxation Office – Business industry Code” from the Business Profile Form.
  • Step 4:
    Complete Section C - “Financial Details”
  • Step 5:
    Complete Section D - “Contact Details”
  • Step 6:
    Subscribe and make the payment of $199 (inclusive of GST) and email the Business Profile Form to
  • Step 7:
    Business Profile Form is processed by ESS Small Business
  • Step 8:

    ESS Small Business will forward to you a “Grant Report” which will include:

    • An “Executive Summary” of each grant that is potentially suitable for your business
    • Details of funding available for the grants identified in the report
    • Individual article(s) on grants identified in the Report
    • If applicable, individual Application Requirements form(s)

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