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The Leadership Academy

Enlightened Leadership Training in Australia, including coaching and consulting services combining management best practice and highly effective leadership which is progressive, free-thinking, rational, open-minded and tolerant. 

No short cuts or fads!  Learning to lead is a long-term undertaking requiring high levels of commitment, leadership training and guidance and adequate resources. 

We have helped managers in Australia and Internationally by:

  • analysing the state of leadership throughout their organisations;
  • introducing a single, well defined and accepted leadership model;
  • designing and conducting tailored leadership training and development programs;
  • selecting, briefing and motivating program participants;
  • ensuring continued enlightened leadership learning through workplace action learning;
  • providing developmental feedback on leadership training and development;
  • rewarding, encouraging and supporting continuous improvement in leadership development; and
  • setting the leadership example to establish and maintain the desired organisational culture.