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    The ESS Small Business website has been developed to assist small/medium enterprise operators source articles, papers and templates on a wide range of subjects critical to the successful operation of a small/medium enterprise.

    Within virtually every section of ESS Small Business, there are free articles which you're invited to download and use within your business activities.  There are also articles available for purchase within most sections.  Payments for these articles need be made by PayPal.

    We will be introducing new articles and material virtually every week to keep you informed of the developments within small/medium enterprises.

    We've negotiated favourable subscription prices with a number of other organisations which supply products and services for the small/medium enterprise market.  All you have to do is follow the links on the ESS Small Business website.  Each link will take you to a business partner's website which you can review and decide whether you wish to subscribe to any of their acticles or products.

    If you have any suggestions on content to be included within ESS Small Business, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to .

    Best wishes for a successful career in small/medium enterprises from the team at ESS Small Business.

    In most sections, there are articles is a web-based resource that provides small business owners and managers with business advisory information, products and tools to help support their small to medium enterprise (SME) .

    WHAT'S IN ESS Small Business?

    ESS Small Business' resources under popular topics:

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    WHY CHOOSE ESS Small Business?

    ESS Small Business can assist you to:

    • Systems to effectively manage and develop your small or medium sized business
    • Information to stay up-to-date with Australian business developments & legislation
    • Create systemised approaches to your business development to ensure success

    "The way we do business is changing... it is now critical that as a business owner or manager you work ON your business rather than IN your business".

    Peter Towers

    Accountant, Consultant and Business Adviser

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